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Health Care 

When residents need more than occasional assistance, our Health Care Center is there to provide the comfort, security, and care. 

Our Health Care Center promotes wellness, helping to maintain each resident’s quality of life and independence. Our team of professionals work with the resident and family to develop comprehensive care plans specific to meet their needs. 

Resident-centered care encourages residents to continue to enjoy personal interests while making choices regarding their individual schedules. Quality of life is enhanced by a full schedule of group and individual activities including intergenerational opportunities.

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Senior Living Advisor Team

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Accredited in Award-winning Dementia Care Program

After a 14 month training and accreditation process, we are proudly accredited by Comfort Matters. Comfort Matters is a philosophy, care practice and an evidence-based program that improves the quality of care and quality of life for persons with dementia. The practice was developed at Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix through more than a decade of research around person-directed health care practices and the latest science on supporting people who live with dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

Comfort Matters Accreditation Logo

Being certified as a Comfort Matters accredited provider demonstrates our commitment to embed care practices into our organization that provide the best quality of care and quality of life for persons with dementia. These policies and procedures are integrated on North Meadows - our designated dementia care neighborhood.

Serving the whole person

For us, providing care for a person with any memory impairment means:

  • Customized structure – As much as possible, each member of our community is encouraged to make his or her own choices for meal, bed and bath times, and for other daily routines. Keeping personal routines may provide comfort in the midst of changes that persons are experiencing. 
  • Activities – From tending raised gardens to playing piano; from making cookies to relaxing with Zoey the therapy dog, each day is filled with a variety of settings, stimuli and opportunities to suit each unique individual. Some residents take comfort in repeating daily activities they have enjoyed throughout their lifetime, such as folding laundry or setting the table. Caregivers continually adapt to each individual's needs, searching for options that bring satisfaction and enjoyment.

  • Socialization – Consistent human contact has been found to reduce the impact of dementia.  One important and distinctive part of life at Schowalter Villa is the daily interaction with youth of all ages- babies through college age. The babies, toddlers and preschoolers from Hesston Intergenerational Child Development Center, located on the Villa campus make their way through the Villa each day.  Hugs, playtime and craft activities are shared. The Hesston College campus is next door to Schowalter Villa, creating an intentional opportunity for college students to interact and build relationships with Villa residents.  The past is often more clear than the present for persons with memory impairment, making these times of sharing stories a delight for residents.

  • Regular exercise – Spend a few minutes at Schowalter Villa and you likely will see a caregiver walking hand in hand with a resident. Exercise and socialization join together in a relaxed, natural way for the individual with memory impairment.

  • Spiritual support – Our full-time chaplain, Wendy, is sensitive to and treasures each person’s unique place in life, encouraging them through prayer, bible study, visiting, or “walking down memory lane”.  Pastoral visits, hymn sings and times of worship are a regular part of life at Schowalter Villa.  These routines provide comfort through structure and familiarity for many who struggle with some memory impairment. 


  • Numerous social, cultural, spiritual, and recreational activities
  • Intergenerational activities with college students, preschoolers, and others
  • Use of community areas for family events
  • Opportunities to audit classes at HesstonCollege    
  • Gift shop, branch bank, and ice cream shop
  • Outpatient therapy services available
  • Aviary / atrium

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