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Total goal: $6.1 million | Total raised: $6.1 million | Total remaining: GOAL ACHIEVED

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About the Campaign

Currently at Schowalter Villa, 38 health care residents do not have their own private room. To give residents the most comfortable home environment possible, Schowalter Villa is placing high importance on providing a private room for every health care resident.

To make this possible, we will be repurposing a portion of the current assisted living area and building a state-of-the-art, contemporary, assisted-living building.

The new assisted-living building will be located at the corner of Main St. and Hickory in Hesston. It will serve as one of the key elements to welcoming residents and visitors to campus as Schowalter Villa's new entrance.

The project spans far beyond the current and future residents of Schowalter Villa. This expansion will touch multiple generations living in the Hesston community.

Your financial support is an essential element in making this expansion possible and will impact the lives of many in the community.

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Project details

The total cost of this projet is $6.1 million. This is the largest, privately funded project Schowalter Villa has launched since its founding.

The fundraising portion of this project has been completed! You can read more about the completion of the campaign here.


The impact of your support

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Schowalter Villa health care residents will enjoy private and personalized rooms. Assisted living residents will benefit from renovated living spaces, and independent living residents will be able to utilize many amenities that will be available in the new building.

Hesston Community Child Care will have two new classrooms, replacing existing classrooms that are currently located in a duplex. These will provide a customized space where children will learn, play and grow. The classrooms will allow meaningful interactions between children and Schowalter Villa residents to continue to exist and expand.

Hesston community members will benefit from beautiful landscaping and new walking paths surrounding the building, a new cafe, and an above-ground tornado shelter doubling as a theater-style room.

Hesston College students and Schowalter Villa have an integral partnership - bridging generational gaps every day. This partnership will be enhanced as nursing students will conduct their clinical studies in renovated areas and students will have expanded opportunities to volunteer.


Supporter Testimonies

David Kauffman, Mayor of Hesston
"We are excited about what this project will do, not only for Schowalter Villa residents, but also for the Hesston Child Care Center and the larger community. The impact of this project will be broad and long-term; serving residents, children and community members for many years to come."

Ellen Samuelson, chair of campaign steering committee
“I am so excited for this project because it is very needed. All residents can benefit from having their own private room, but I have seen this need especially in residents who are participating in the Music & Memory program at Schowalter Villa. It will be wonderful for them to have their own room to listen to music.”

Bonnie Sowers, MS, RN - Director, Department of Nursing, Hesston College
“Schowalter Villa has been an important clinical setting for our Hesston College nursing program over the years.  Nursing students, during the first semester of the program, learn to care for older adults in this exemplary setting where the staff strives diligently to deliver personalized care and create a home-like environment for each resident. 

“Many nursing students enter the nursing program being very clear that they do not want to work with older adults in the future.  Therefore, it is extremely important that their first impressions of geriatric nursing and the long-term care setting are positive ones.  The physical improvements being planned by Schowalter Villa will be a visible sign to all who enter this setting that older adults are valued and will live the last years of their lives in a personalized setting that is now home.  

“The physical environment does influence attitudes, perceptions and, ultimately, quality resident care.  When nursing students discover that the long-term care setting is not depressing and that residents are valued and have their own modern living spaces, these same students will be forced to re-examine their misconceptions about what becoming a geriatric nurse might mean for their future.

“First impressions do matter – to the residents, to their families and to our nursing students.  The plans in place at Schowalter Villa for the current capital project will be instrumental in carrying out Schowalter Villa’s strategic vision for the future – creating an environment where staff and students, collaboratively, can effectively enhance the quality of care – and quality of life - for each resident.

Paul Friesen, local artist and Schowalter Villa assisted living resident
"I have learned to appreciate the value assisted living has for retirees who begin to sense the need for assistance at different times in their lives. One appreciates the privilege of having a facility that serves as a home base, but still allows one the freedom to go and do the things they still enjoy. For myself, it is maintaining an art studio on the Hesston College campus. Living here allows me to still feel in control of my life, much as I did when we were still in our own home.

"Private healthcare rooms have a lot of value. For example, when family members come to visit, you have a certain level of privacy that is important and that a curtain cannot offer; curtains are not good walls. Private rooms also allow for objects from one's home to be retained, giving a sense of still being at home and furthering the welfare of a resident. New technologies - TVs, computers, etc. - are not well suited for shared spaces, as each individual has different preferences. Privacy is a critical factor."


For more information about the campaign please contact

Yvonne Sieber | Chief Philanthropy Officer
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Derek Yoder | Director of Fund Advancement
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